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Your name or online alias: Bianca
Your email:
Another preferred means of contact: glazedmacguffin (AIM) macguffinrp (gmail) macguffinplurk (plurk)
Character's Full Name: Gary Seven (Supervisor 194)
Character's Canon: Assignment: Earth
Character's Canon Point: After the events of Future Imperiled.
Character's Journal Name: [personal profile] supervisor194
What would you like your character's tag to be?: gary seven

Answer the following questions in no less than 300 words but no greater than 1000 words put together...
Character's background (their past and present):
This character's history is longer than 1,000 words for the sake of thoroughness. )
Character's personality:
Mr. Seven doesn't have much of a sense of humor. What little he does is directed at Isis, or is generally dry. He doesn't express much in general, and even his fashion is tidy and overly bland for any time period. He's non-reactive, and it's a pointed effort to not be noticed. But he is confident, whether he's carrying himself stoically or casually relaxing. The only time he's very reactive is when Isis dies, because he's not sure if the Aegis will bring her back.

Because he's with the Aegis, he's not particularly attached to material things, but occasionally he'll think fondly of places he was stationed for a while or places he lived with great fondness. As he says of Diana Winters to Roberta Lincoln, "It's his job to be alright" so he tries not to attach himself in ways that compromise him. He is often interpreted as smug and superior, but he genuinely does not see himself as better. He sees himself as right, and that other people aren't as well-informed as his superiors. Nor should they be, should they not be ready to make good decisions with that knowledge.

His goals are the goals of the Aegis. He doesn't know much about the future, and it is always uncertain because some timelines are unstable. But he believes in them and their views of a greater future. He uses brief hypnosis from his servo and hand to hand combat to defend himself rather than weapons. The weapons he uses are very very rare, and when a group of Counter-Strike operatives tried to kill him he opted to risk exposure to the vaccuum of space and Aegis transport rather than shoot his unconscious enemies. The Aegis believe Federation species can be led to an attitude of peace.

He is loyal and friendly to those he lets close. He tried to give Roberta Lincoln every advantage he could, seeing her ability as much as he is augmented. He was fond of Guinan, though their meetings were seldom. He even, as previously stated, treats his enemies as valuable people rather than ones that need to be removed. He went through extraordinary efforts to try and appeal to Khan. The only moment he stopped caring about Khan's welfare was when Isis died by Augment hand.
Character's skills/abilities/powers:
  • He is an Augment without aggression. That means he has similar heightened senses, increased longevity, strength enough to easily break a knife into several pieces.

  • It takes him a whole day to heal completely from a bad bullet wound.

  • He communicates telepathically with his "cat".
Any special equipment your character is bringing along? This includes weaponry, magic items, etc.:
  • He has access to Aegis Computers, which can make him fake IDs, alter computer records, give him translation objects.

  • He has a servo, which is basically a combination of a sonic screwdriver and a nueralyzer. He can use it to mess around with electronics or locks or he can hypnotize people with it. It looks like a little silver pen.

Are you bringing your character to [community profile] ten_fwd from another game? If you are, which game?: No other game.
Why do you want to play this character in Ten Forward, and what do you plan to do with them? I want to do plot things with him, because he was always one of my favorites to do plot things with.

Writing Sample #1: Starter with Barclay
Writing Sample #2: Test Drive in Ten Forward
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2. A sentient plant that communicates with flowers. )

Character: Gary Seven
Fandom: Star Trek | Assignment: Earth
Words: 380
Notes: This is probably my shortest prompt ever, but it was intended to be introspection as part of an RP opening post. Septos is from the Star Trek novel "Assignment: Eternity"
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Gary Seven and the other time agents of the Aegis are limitedly referenced in official canon (only in the episode Assignment : Earth), but frequently used in licensed work. Here is a general description of how they operate.

Information behind cut.... )

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You've reached Gary Seven. I'm not in at the moment. Leave your message after the beep and I will listen to it when I return.


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